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Positive Energy Yoga®

Positive Energy Yoga®
 was created by Olivia Sheldon.

Positive Energy Yoga is a creative exercise program that caters exclusively to the uniqueness of each person. Because each person is unique, Positive Energy Yoga, different from most systems, was not designed to "force" anyone to achieve fixed or predetermined positions, but was designed to achieve optimum results consistent with each person's ability and comfort.

Many yoga systems are descendants of bygone eras and cultures, and were created under certain conditions for certain reasons and philosophies. Many new systems are combinations of old systems. Positive Energy Yoga has been created for our present culture--the times and circumstances we live in today, and for the people who, each in the scope of their own environment, will shape the future.

In Positive Energy Yoga, it is not the instructor, "master," or teacher that is the focus, and not the system itself that is the focus; it is each individual in attendance who is most important, and upon whom the focus is given.

With individuality as the trademark for Positive Energy Yoga, no one is ever compared to anyone else. No one is ever wrong. No one is ever better than anyone else. Everyone is performing their own yoga relative to their own body, their own needs, and their ability. In Positive Energy Yoga, each person assumes the best position they can at each point in time, and in that moment, that position is perfect for the progress that will follow.

Most people try many systems of exercise and yoga--going from one to the next and the next and the next. Because of the high degree of focus on uniqueness, Positive Energy Yoga can become an adaptable, lifelong program that a person can use anywhere, anytime and for any reason.

There is hardly a time in a person's life when they cannot benefit from more Positive Energy.

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